Philip Cohn, ADN
Philip Cohn, ADNParliamentarian

Philip Cohn believes there is nothing better than to reduce the suffering of a living being. Nursing gives him the ability to do this in many different ways.

There is a lot of variety in what a nurse does, but most of it comes back to helping the patient in whatever way they need.

Philip received his ADN from Jefferson State. He also has a BA in Chinese with a minor in biology from the University of Vermont.

Philip says ASNA membership is valuable because a lot the health issues addressed in hospitals have roots in societal issues. Therefore, it’s important for nurses to have a voice outside of the clinical setting to share their perspective and to address these issues.

We see people all the time who have to get a leg amputated due to diabetes, or who are struggling with COVID-19. These things are not theoretical to us; they are real. So when there is conversation on an issue related to health, it’s critical that nurses have a say and I think nursing organizations like ASNA make that possible.