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How It All Happened: The History of ASNA


Founded in 1913 and incorporated in 1914, ASNA has been representing the nurses of Alabama for 100 years! Alabama’s nurses have been among the first to respond to the needs of our nation through increasing awareness of public health issues, promoting professional standards of nursing, and “supporting the war effort”. We have had many important milestones since our inception including:



1915 - Guided first law for nurse licensure in Alabama

1923 - ASNA members called for the creation of a professional “Board of Nurse Examiners”–what would ultimately become the Alabama Board of Nursing–to ensure licensing and education requirements for all nurses in Alabama. Also pressured the U.S. Senate to reclassify nursing as a "profession" rather than a "service"

1935 - Adoption of 8-hour workday with a salary

1937 - Established Standards of Employment, which continues to be a key part of our work today

1947 - The Alabama Nurse, ASNA publication begins

1951 - Partnered with AEA to Establish the Nurse Scholarship Fund

ASNA member Chris Rhodes campaining for national office at ANA in Washington
1975 -
Expanded Nurse Practice Act for APRNs

1998 - School Nurse Bill passed after years of advocacy

2006 - ASNA wrote and sponsored the Workplace Violence Law, resulting in a bill that made it a felony to attack a nurse

2008 - Name tag law identified staff credentials

2010 - Stopped $2 million removal from ABN budget

FACES crowd at exhibits2011 - Stopped lay midwives (non-nurses) licensing

2013 - Support in Alabama budget for nurse scholarships

2014 - Fought to have nurses on Medicaid RCO Boards

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Our Mission

ASNA is committed to promoting excellence in nursing.

Our Vision

ASNA is the professional voice of all registered nurses in Alabama.

Our Values

  • Modeling professional nursing practices after other nurses
  • Adhering to the Code of Ethics for Nurses
  • Becoming more recognizably influential as an association
  • Unifying nurses
  • Promoting cultural diversity
  • Promoting health parity
  • Advancing professional competence
  • Promoting ethical care and the human dignity of a person
  • Maintaining integrity in all nursing careers