ASNA Board Vice President
Dr. Gibson-Young is a PhD-prepared asthma researcher trained at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She has over 20 years’ experience partnering with multiple disciplines to manage chronic health conditions in children, particularly asthma.

She has a solid track record with school-based health education and multi-geographical asthma camps. Numerous studies have been published in high impact, public health and nursing journals, and she frequently presents on child health outcomes.

"I became a nurse to help children and families manage their health through prevention and wellness strategies."

As a nurse, nurse educator, and family nurse practitioner, she aims to increase family management and decrease unfavorable child health outcomes. Over the past 20 years, Linda has enriched efforts to improve child asthma and help families manage this chronic condition. Most recently, she collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to implement a school-based health education initiative called TigerCHAT.

"I joined ASNA to be actively involved in the state nurses’ association. This allows me to partner and collaborate with nurses across the state in efforts to improve nursing."