Staff RN | Administration | Day Shift | Laurel Oaks Behavioral Health Center

Full Time
Dothan, AL

Position Title: Staff RN

Department: Nursing Administration

Location: Dothan, AL

Required Degree: Bachelor’s degree; with a Master’s degree in nursing preferred

Years of Experience: Two years’ experience in the clinical specialty area

Other Required Certifications: Current state licensure required as applicable to the discipline


Position Description

Provides nursing care to patients utilizing established nursing process. The Staff Nurse is directly responsible to the Nurse Manager and House Supervisor for quality patient care given to patients on the assigned unit.


A. Immediate Supervisor: Nurse Manager, Nursing House Supervisor

B. Supervision Exercised: Licensed Practical Nurses, Mental Health Technicians

C. Inter-relationships: Nurse Manager, Nursing House Supervisor, Patients, Patient Family Members, Facility personnel, Physicians, Referral Services, and Guests


  • Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in nursing (preferred.)
  • A diploma graduate and/or an associate degree in nursing required.
  • Current status in good standing as a Registered Nurse in the State of Alabama.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of normal growth and development of a population served.


  • Performs comprehensive nursing assessment on all patients upon admission and daily.
  • Accurately and thoroughly documents nursing assessment and patient problems and ongoing assessments.
  • Formulates nursing plan of care within 8 hours of admission.
  • Discharges patients, documenting as per hospital policy
  • Administers medications and documents per physician orders and per hospital policy.
  • Makes assignments for non-licensed personnel.
  • Communicates patient information and changes to all necessary personnel and patient families.
  • Maintains a professional attitude at all times exhibiting service excellence to all.
  • Provides nursing care in a therapeutically effective manner.
  • Assures activities of daily needs are met.
  • Reports all suspected cases of abuse/neglect to appropriate agencies.
  • Accurately and thoroughly documents all restraints and seclusions.
  • Provides ongoing education to patient/family.
  • Safely uses and maintains biomedical equipment.
  • Immediately reports any medication errors and accurately completes Medication Error Report Forms.
  • Maintains confidentiality at all times when interacting with patients, visitors, and all other contacts.
  • The Nurse is responsible for understanding and demonstrating the theory and skills required to reduce Seclusion and Restraint and other restrictive measures as well as physical and emotional risk factors.
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to walk for long periods of time
  • Ability to work long hours
  • Ability to work indoors or outdoors in direct sunlight
  • Ability to remain continuously alert and focused
  • Ability to write (completing documentation)
  • Ability to effectively communicate
  • Ability to see (sufficient to supervise patients, read charts and instructions, handwritten and typewritten material)
  • Ability to hear (sufficient to supervise patients)
  • Ability to detect potential or actual safety hazards (sufficient to detect smoke, chemicals, or other environmental threats)
  • Ability to respond quickly to assistance calls, medical emergencies, etc.
  • Ability to stand up from the floor
  • Ability to stoop and bend body downward and forward by bending spine at the waist
  • Ability to reach and lift approximately 15 pounds above head level
  • Ability to perform physical aspects of CPR and maintain active certification in Handle with Care at all times.
  • Ability to perform all physical techniques and maneuvers in Handle With Care and maintains certification at all times.
    • Ability to physically restrain a patient (maneuvering patients according to Handle With Care technique into a controlled position and holding them for extended periods of time until calm
    • Sufficient flexibility and dexterity to be able to move quickly (to prevent harm, to stop harm that is occurring, to avoid being hit by punches or kicks, etc.)
    • Ability to lift and move patients.
    • Ability to lift or move approximately 50 pounds
    • Capability of performing sustained physical exertion (struggling to control a combative patient for extended periods of time may sustain significantly increased heart rate and respiration throughout that time with no rest period available)
    • Ability to kneel for long periods of time


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