Get involved and enhance your nursing career! Leadership and service opportunities exist at both the district and state levels including:

  • Serving on committees and task forces
  • Becoming an elected officer
  • Utilizing your talent and expertise as a mentor
  • Becoming the eyes and ears of ASNA and ANA as a “watchdog” for issues affecting nursing in Alabama

Taking advantage of these opportunities will not only aid you personally through networking opportunities and gaining recognition, but you will also affect your entire career by helping progress the state of the nursing profession in Alabama.

Opportunities where you can make a difference:


Legislation becomes law. Laws become policy. Policy impacts your practice. This committee is very active during the Alabama legislative session. They help develop the ASNA legislative agenda, share legislative issues with the district level, and are citizen lobbyists (as desired) during the legislative session.

Nominating Committee

This is an elected position that is responsible for developing the annual ballot. The committee usually meets early summer.

Awards Committee

Committee members are elected and select ASNA awards recipients based on predetermined criteria. The committee plans the awards ceremony, which is one of the highpoints of the ASNA Annual Convention.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is chaired by the ASNA Treasurer with a member from each district. Under normal circumstances, the district representative is the local treasurer.


This is the political action committee of ASNA. Membership is open to anyone interested in the political process. The committee evaluates and suggests candidates who are advocates for better healthcare.

Continuing Education

There are two committees: one that approves and one that develops educational activities. Anyone may participate on these committees (must have BSN or higher degree to approve activities). These very active and involved committees have a direct impact on promoting excellence in nursing.

Ethics and Human Rights

Gallup ranked nurses as the most trusted profession for 14 straight years. This committee is open to everyone who is passionate about ethics and how it impacts nursing and patient care.


Chaired by the ASNA Secretary, the focus here is reviewing and updating bylaws and evaluation resolutions that are presented at the annual meeting. Membership is open to anyone.


Chaired by the ASNA Vice President—and including all district VPs—participation is open to anyone with a desire to engage and recruit new members.

Environmental and Safety Task Force

Currently the task force works in conjunction with the Ethnics and Human Rights Committee as their focuses are overlapping. The task force is ideal for anyone concerned about nurses’ health, safety, and environment.

Commission on Professional Issues (COPI)

Members are elected, however, anyone may participate as consultants. COPI’s focus is any issue impacting the nursing profession. Each year the committee selects a new focus.

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is designed for nurses, by nurses, to help participants develop excellent leadership skills through action-oriented projects related to their specific interests.


If you are interested in any of these opportunities, contact us to get started in making a difference in Alabama nursing.

Nurses at ASNA Leadership Academy
Representative April Weaver
Brian Buchmann and nurses