Portrait of Frederick Richardson
ASNA Vice President

Frederick admits helping others has always brought joy to his heart and that having the opportunity to help others on a daily basis is his reward.

Like many patients, I found myself on a hospital bed feeling scared about my outcome, but the warm and gentle smile from a nurse made all the difference. I desire to be that kind of nurse every day. 

Frederick received his associate degree at Montgomery Community College before earning his BSN at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. As a new graduate of nursing school, Frederick believes learning from experienced nurses in ASNA provides mentorship necessary as a new nurse.

ASNA is a professional organization that represents all nurses. Most importantly, members within ASNA take their jobs very seriously, but still make time to have fun.

Frederick is currently a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department at Madison hospital. He not only serves the ASNA board of directors as the 2018-2019 grad liaison, but he’s also the president-elect for ASNA District 1.

It is a wonderful privilege to be a part of the board of directors. I believe I can share a different perspective as a new graduate that will encourage many other young nurses to join ASNA.