How many hours may I take with Self-Directed Learning (Home-Studies)?

The Alabama Board of Nursing does not have a limit on the number of hours –  all 24 contact hours may be obtained online or as self-directed learning.

What is the cost of courses?

ASNA charges $7.50 (member) and $10.00 (non-member).


How can I get courses placed on my Board of Nursing transcript?

ASNA will automatically place all courses that we provide on you Board of Nursing transcript usually within two (2) weeks of completion. The activity date will reflect the completion date.

Can you approve an activity after I have attended?

No, ASNA only approves activities before they are presented.


Can I get approval for an activity that I wish to attend?

No, ASNA only approves sponsors who have met designated criteria before the activity is presented.


How long does it take to obtain approval for activities?

Each activity has two separated Peer Reviews and each Peer Reviewer has two (2) week to complete the review.


Why do you refuse to take an activity in less than 25 days?

ASNA can not guarantee the approval process in less than 25 days.


What is an expedited review?

Expedited reviews are available for an extra fee 12-24 days before the activity.

Can approval be retroactive?

Retroactive approval is not available.


How do I access my transcript at the Alabama Board of Nursing?

Click here