ASNA District 5 President

When Denise was in kindergarten, she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Her wise 5-year-old self promptly responded, "a nurse!" However, by the time she graduated high school, it looked as though her path was heading more toward law school or getting an MBA.

My path to nursing was not a straight one, but I eventually fulfilled that 5-year-old’s wish.

Denise received her associate degree from Wallace College in Dothan and her BSN from the University of Texas at Arlington. Most of her bedside nursing career has been spent in med-surg, with a brief stint in informatics. She has worked in hospital case management and is currently working as a Work Comp Nurse Case Manager. Most recently, as she is welcomed into the role of ASNA District 5 President, Denise is pursuing her MSN in Case Management at the University of Alabama.

My goal for District 5, and indeed for all of ASNA, is continued growth for nurses in our great state. I look forward to working with both our amazing District 5 board and our ASNA state board to achieve these goals.

Denise originally joined ASNA at the suggestion of her mentor, who said that ASNA is not only the voice for Alabama nurses, but that it is also an invaluable network in which professional nurses could enhance their careers.

As my involvement in ASNA has grown over the years, I’ve found ASNA to be not only a practical resource, but also a forum for advancement and change for nurses in Alabama. 

Nearly nine years into her nursing career, Denise says there are days when she still considers herself a new nurse.

The learning opportunities are incredible and varied. As nurses, I truly believe that we regularly learn and grow.