ASNA Senate Resolution Passes Legislative Session


The most recent ASNA Senate Resolution passed on the last day of the legislative session in support of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The resolution recognizes the bravery, commitment, and sacrifices made by nurses and recommends bringing forward legislation to grant a $1,000 Alabama Income Tax Credit to qualifying nurses.

ASNA Senate Resolution SR137


WHEREAS, the COVID-19 pandemic has been rightfully described as a "war" and a "battle" causing more than seven times the number of deaths that occurred at Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and the entire Vietnam War combined; and

WHEREAS, in times of war all citizens are impacted, yet those individuals serving in combat theaters are arguably at higher risk and are justly compensated with "combat pay" or "hazard pay"; and

WHEREAS, nurses are the largest workforce in health care and have earned public admiration for their professionalism, courage, and provision of intercessory comfort for their COVID-19 patients when loved ones could not be physically present

WHEREAS, thousands of Alabama nurses faithfully serve, often with inadequate personal protective equipment, at great personal risk of contracting the disease, transmitting it to their own families, and potentially sacrificing their own lives; and

WHEREAS, it is medically accepted that individuals who suddenly experience severe trauma while engaged in combat, or who live or work in life-threatening environments for prolonged periods of time, often develop post-traumatic stress disorder, a biopsychosocial brain disease that can have debilitating health effects for decades; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE SENATE OF THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, That we promote the enactment of legislation to implement a $1,000 Alabama Income Tax Credit for licensed nurses who can attest to providing care and support of COVID-19 patients in any and all clinical environments for any period of time during the calendar year 2020, 2021, or both.


While the passing of a resolution does not have the authority of law, it does recognize, recommend, and support the need to reward nurses who were engaged in COVID-19 related practice during the pandemic.

Special thanks to Senators Singleton, Hatcher, Coleman-Madison, and Smitherman, as well as Representative Hall for sponsoring this resolution.

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