ANF Awards 2021 Scholarships to Alabama Nursing Students

Thanks to funds provided from nursing car tag sales, The Alabama Nurses Foundation (ANF) has awarded its 2021 scholarships!

Academic scholarships were available to any Alabama resident enrolled in education leading to a nursing degree. This year’s awardees hailed from all over the state and included both nursing students and nurses who returned to school to further their education. Please make sure to get your nurses tag at your county tag office to ensure we are able to continue to provide these scholarships to future nurses!

Congratulations Academic Scholarship Awardees

Madeline Allsopp
University of Alabama at Birmingham

I aspire to be a Nurse Practitioner on my current unit in the CVICU and look forward to the possibility of taking care of post-cardiac surgical cases and educating patients, families, and bedside nurses on how to care for these patients.

Kimberly Andrews
Troy University

The DNP program will not only enhance my future roles and practices, but it will also help me to be further engaged in scholarly research. Through being further engaged in scholarly research, I can assist with providing better evidence-based information at the bedside and in the classroom.

Kristin Ashley
University of Alabama at Birmingham

My long-term goals are to continue my career in academia at a research institution and focus on research related to stroke survivorship for African Americans.

Blakely Blaine
Auburn University School of Nursing 

Once I reach my goal of graduating from Auburn University School of Nursing, I plan to obtain a position in an OB-GYN clinic where I hope to gain experience and knowledge in this specific field before returning to graduate school to complete my Doctorate of Nursing Practice.

Alexis Curry
Auburn University at Montgomery

When I receive my Bachelors of Science in Nursing Degree, I would like to work in a rural area to give those residents and surrounding communities the nurturing health care they deserve.

Macey Davenport
University of Alabama at Birmingham

My short term nursing goals are to get more experience at bedside, I want to get my time management skills down and get other skills down and hopefully be a nurse case manager after obtaining my bachelor’s degree.

Melissa DeFoor
The University of Alabama in Huntsville/The University of Alabama JoinT PhD Nursing Science Program

My long-term goals include continuing to excel in my roles at UNA, improving education and recruitment of future nurses, improving the health of our perinatal community, and continuing research in nursing education and women’s health.

Jordan DeSantis
Univesity of South Alabama

My very long term goals include eventually getting into dermatology as an NP and hopefully own my own practice one day and create my very own line of skin care.

Shannon Fowler
University of Alabama in Birmingham

I am very active with our local chapter of ASNA with a specific interest in the political aspect of our organization. Working alongside the Alabama board of nursing to improve this shortage would be a major career goal.

Hannah Harper
University of Alabama, Capstone College of Nursing

My long-term goals involve working for two years following graduation and applying to anesthesiology school to work towards the title of CRNA.

Zaria Harris
University of West Alabama

My short term goals are to graduate from the Associate’s Degree program of Nursing at The University of West Alabama in May 2022 and start the BSN online program the following Fall Semester. After work experience, my long term goal is to obtain a Master’s Degree to become a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Amy Holley
Samford University Moffett and Sanders School of Nursing

My long term goals are to continue working full time at the University of South Alabama in the Undergraduate department but I would like to begin to teach some additional Graduate courses. I would also like to begin working on my psychiatric nurse practitioner degree.

Destany Jones
University of West Alabama

My long term goals include one day becoming a Nurse Practitioner to better serve my community because we live in a rural area we don’t get the care that bigger cities get. My goal is to help every patient and treat them as people.

LaBrenda Joyce Marshall
Samford University, Mofett and Sanders School of Nursing

My long term goals are to write a nursing curriculum for school health nursing, advocate for school nursing to be a course offering in higher education, work for the U.S. Health and Human Services Department, and act as an advisor to the President of the United States on Health Policies.

Josie Lyster
University of West Alabama, Ira D. Pruitt Division of Nursing

After I graduate with my BSN, I plan to work in a critical care unit and apply for CRNA school. CRNAs provide comfort and ease pain. Because of experiences my mom had during her fight against cancer, I know that I never want patients to suffer. I want them to feel comfort instead of pain.

Toshia Milam
University of Alabama, Capstone College of Nursing

My long term goals are to complete the family nurse practitioner program and work within my community to help alleviate the demand for healthcare to the underserved population within my rural community.

Vivian Muorah
Troy University

My long-term goal is to join the Alabama State Nursing Association, obtain a PhD in nursing research, and make a positive impact in my Troy community by giving back through projects and acts of service.

Sohyun Park
University of Alabama at Birmingham 

My ultimate career goal is to become a nurse anesthetist. After graduating with BSN, I want to work at the VA hospital as an operating room nurse and go to graduate school to complete my CRNA program.

Shameka Rodgers
University of Alabama in Birmingham

Long-term, I hope to enter a faculty position and continue my research on pediatric sleep health disparities. I want to focus my work on rural and underserved populations, including my hometown in the Black Belt of Alabama.

Ahlam Saleh
University of Alabama at Birmingham

In the future, I hope to graduate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Nursing (UABSON) in Summer of 2022 with a BSN and to begin working as a RN. I have a liking in pediatrics and dermatology that I would love to pursue.

Laurel Scarioni
Southern Union State Community College
I believe involvement in professional organizations is an important part of being a professional nurse because it will allow me to continue my education, build relationships with my peers and benefit from the wisdom of more experienced nurses.

Scholarships and Grants

In addition to these scholarships, up to four different grants will be awarded each year on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The grants must address a current Alabama health issue and priority will be given for projects that support the ASNA Strategic Plan and/or resolutions adopted by the ASNA House of Delegates. The amount is $500 per grant. Learn more about ANF and funding opportunities.

Through its functions, ANF not only offers scholarships and grants, but also addresses the critical issues facing the nursing profession in Alabama today. These functions are exclusively charitable, educational, scientific and literary and are intended to increase the visibility of nursing in the state. The primary mission of the Alabama Nurses Foundation is to increase public knowledge and understanding of nursing and the nursing profession.

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