ASNA Helps Pass New Resolution to Protect AL Nurses

Dear ASNA Members:

I am proud to announce that the Alabama Legislature has just passed an ASNA initiated joint resolution to FURTHER PROTECT NURSES and healthcare workers from ASSAULT in clinical settings.

A poster, supplied by ASNA, will be placed in waiting areas to alert people of the fact that it is a FELONY to attack a nurse.

This awareness will reinforce the ASNA sponsored law of 2006 that made it a Felony, rather than a misdemeanor, to attack a nurse in clinical practice settings.

Please use the buttons on this page to download the poster and the full text of the resolution.

We are grateful to Representative April Weaver for sponsoring HJR34 and to all ASNA members for making advocacy efforts like this possible.


Sarah Wilkinson-Buchmann, DNP, RN
ASNA President