ANF Awards 2019 Scholarships to Alabama Nursing Students

Thanks to funds provided from nursing car tag sales, The Alabama Nurses Foundation (ANF) awarded scholarships at FACES on April 16, 2019 at Eastmont Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama.

Academic scholarships were available to any Alabama resident enrolled in education leading to a nursing degree. This year’s awardees hailed from all over the state and included both nursing students and nurses who returned to school to further their education. Please make sure to get your nurses tag at your county tag office to ensure we are able to continue to provide these scholarships to future nurses!

Congratulations Academic Scholarship Awardees

Kimberly Andrews, Troy University
Long term, my goal is to become a tenured professor so that I can help supply our workforce with some of the best, most highly-qualified nurses. I want to make a difference in the lives of all my students.

Nmesoma Claris Kanife, Troy University
Because of my love of research, I plan to work for the CDC and WHO. I would also like to open a nonprofit practice in my hometown of Ezeagu, Enugu in Nigeria that would be open to the masses who are being put out of hospitals due to an inability to pay for healthcare.

Colleen Anusiewicz, University of Alabama in Birmingham
My long-term goal is to become a leading nurse scientist in health systems and outcomes research. Upon completion of my PhD, I would like to pursue a post-doctoral fellowship to enhance my research skills and provide a foundation on which I can develop as an independent nurse scientist.

Bridgette Moore, University of South Alabama
A lifelong goal of mine has been to work as a nurse practitioner. I am excited to have been accepted into NP school and have an interest in Parkinson’s disease, carcinoid carcinoma, and developmental care of complex pediatric patients.

Kristen Ashley, University of Alabama in Birmingham
My goals are to complete my PhD in nursing, begin a program of research in employment outcomes for stroke survivors, and to obtain a tenured academic position at a research institution. I plan to continue my career as a nurse educator and advance nursing by training nursing students.

Frederick Richardson, University of Alabama in Birmingham
My long-term goal in nursing is to obtain my DNP and to help others in my community. As a nurse, I am able to help others improve their health by providing safe and therapeutic care. I want to make Alabama the greatest state in which nurses practice.

Samantha Baggett, Auburn University
As a nursing student, I learned that dedication and hard work brings success while teaching valuable lessons. My love for nursing has grown more and more. I love the respect behind being a nurses, the love I have for my co-workers, and the love I have for my patients.

Sara Richey, University of North Alabama  
My passion is teaching and education, which was ignited by a few of professors and clinical instructors while in nursing school. My long-term goal is to teach teach nursing at the collegiate level.

Ryan Matthew Barnett, University of Alabama in Birmingham    
I became interested in nursing while a member of my high school HOSA program. Since then, I knew I wanted to work in pediatrics. I hope to always be an inspiration to both my patients and my peers, and to represent my profession well.

Shameka Rodgers, University of Alabama in Birmingham
My overall goal in nursing is to decrease health disparities in rural and underprivileged areas. I also plan to become a faculty member at a research university so I can combine my love of teaching, research, and providing healthcare to the underserved.

Amy Beasley, University of Alabama in Birmingham
After graduation, I intend to continue my research in the area of palliative care access for rural communities. My dissertation will focus on a needs assessment for Alabama that will help me to fulfill my long-term goal of intervention studies for rural Alabamians with serious illnesses.

Summer Stephens, Troy University in Montgomery
One of my short-term goals is to work as a nurse extern to gain more experience. My long-term goal is to specialize and become certified in a field I decide is the best fit for me and that will contribute to improving patient wellness and lowering error rates across the board.

Molly Fortner, Auburn University    
I aspire to be a professor of nursing with a research focus involving community health and/or pediatrics. I hope to teach and empower future Alabama nurses who will, in turn, impact the community as new nurses.

Tyler Sturdivant, University of Alabama in Huntsville  
I hope to continue participation in academic-practice partnerships to influence and improve nursing care on the front line. With completion of my DNP, I will be in a unique position to better impact students, academic, and practice systems.

Melissa Garrett, University of Alabama in Birmingham
My current goals are to use the knowledge learned in the classroom to make a difference in the community and to focus on advocating for the specific needs of each patient. I also hope to make nurse practitioners a stronger player in the interdisciplinary team.

Dawn Thomas, Calhoun Community College
Currently, I serve as an LPN on the behavioral health unit at Huntsville Hospital. My long-term goal is to complete a graduate program in nursing and then serve as a nursing instructor in a community college.

Kayleigh Green, Samford University    
I have a passion for helping children in need and I would love to work in a children’s hospital. I would also like to do short-term mission work in impoverished countries. Ultimately, my goal is to help others in whatever capacity I can serve.

Haley Tomlinson, University of Alabama in Huntsville
Meeting so many strong, like-minded nursing leaders from around the country has pushed me to pursue excellence in my career. I want to be highly involved in the nursing field and be an advocate for myself and my fellow nurses.

Catherine Griffith, Samford University    
After I graduate with my BSN, I plan to work in a critical care unit and apply for CRNA school. CRNAs provide comfort and ease pain. Because of experiences my mom had during her fight against cancer, I know that I never want patients to suffer. I want them to feel comfort instead of pain.

Sonia Turner, University of Alabama
I would like to complete the Master of Nursing in Family Practice and provide care for our hometown, surrounding areas, and the Latino population.

Scholarships and Grants

In addition to these scholarships, up to four different grants will be awarded each year on an ongoing basis throughout the year. The grants must address a current Alabama health issue and priority will be given for projects that support the ASNA Strategic Plan and/or resolutions adopted by the ASNA House of Delegates. The amount is $500 per grant. Learn more about ANF and funding opportunities.

Through its functions, ANF not only offers scholarships and grants, but also addresses the critical issues facing the nursing profession in Alabama today. These functions are exclusively charitable, educational, scientific and literary and are intended to increase the visibility of nursing in the state. The primary mission of the Alabama Nurses Foundation is to increase public knowledge and understanding of nursing and the nursing profession.

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