Alabama Chapter National Association of Hispanic Nurses

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Pictured left, newly elected officers: Tatianna Powell-Treasurer; Jacqueline Godber- Secretary; National President Elect & Member- Norma Cuellar in yellow; Aimee Duthil-President-Elect, and Grace Grau, President. Pictured right, Chapter Members: Back row-Dr. Vanessa Gaioso; Dr. Norma Cuellar, National President Elect; Student Members- Aracely Alvarez, Karen Nunez, Shelly Roman, Ana Gonzalez, Lisette Ornelas, Erika Alvarez. Front row-Tatiana Powell- Treasurer, Jacqueline Godber-Secretary, Aimee Duthil-Chapter President Elect. Not Pictured: Dr. Grace Grau- Chapter President, Brian Dickson, Dr. Martha Dawson,Dr. Linda Moneyham, Yolanda Harris and Dr. D’Ann Somerall, Reyna Silva.

Alabama’s Hispanic population grew 158% between 2000 and 2011, more than any other state. Nursing literature has addressed the need for ethnic/racial diversity, citing diversification as a means of providing culturally competent care (Taxis, C.J., 2002).  Yet, Hispanic nurses represent a mere 1.2% of the nursing workforce in Alabama.

To address the aforementioned and other needs, the Alabama chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) was formed August 31, 2017. Currently we have 18 members (4 PhD, 2 DNP, 2 MSN, 2 BSN, 1 ADN, 1 LPN, 6 Students). The purpose of this Association is to foster the development and improvement of health care for all people residing in the state of Alabama and, in particular Hispanic ethnic groups, through the concerted efforts of Hispanic Nurses.

Since the inception, the chapter has elected officers, participated in one community service event, and completed two fundraising events. It has taken over five years to finally bring to fruition what started as discussions between three nurses- Yaricet Matos Ramos, MSN, CRNP, Martha Dawson, PhD and Grace Grau, DNP, CRNP . We are thankful to our supporters, the Alabama Health Action Coalition (ALHAC), UAB School of Nursing, HICA.

Alabama’s chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, immediate goals are:

  • to promote leadership, professional and educational advancement of chapter members,  particularly  the ability of nurse members to meet the healthcare needs of the Hispanic population;
  • to promote scholarly activities, including research activities and seek financial support for 2 nursing scholarship/year;
  • to be recognized and utilized as a resource by community leaders when considering matters that affect the Hispanic population.

To join or learn more, visit or email Grace Grau.

Left, Student Members: Aracely Alvarez, Ana Gonzalez and Grace Grau attended the 2016 National Conference in Chicago (Sponsored by University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Nursing). Middle and right: Through the donation of a booth by the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama (HICA), members provided cardiovascular risk assessments at Fiesta Birmingham on Saturday, October 1. Pictured are members-Yolanda Harris, Grace Grau and Reyna Silva.